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At RxWound we separate ourselves from our competition by protecting your practice as much as we protect your patients. We accomplish this through: IVR, Healing, and Protecting your practice from Clawbacks.

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Identify your patient or patients with a chronic wound. In order for our Insurance Verification Request to get approved, the patient needs medical notes proving treatment has been attempted to heal the chronic wound for over 30 days. After IVR is approved, we will ship you your Amniotic Tissue on net pay 60 terms.



Once you receive your Amniotic Tissue you're ready to apply it to the chronic wound. Take pictures before each application with the ruler included in your shipment. This will prove medical necessity as you reapply your Amniotic Tissue each week to show the wound is healing and that the proper size patch was used during treatment.



Our wound billing specialists will comb through your medical notes in your EMR to make sure the proper verbiage is used to avoid any future clawbacks. This is the #1 reason physicians and NP's receive clawbacks from Medicare by improperly documenting the patient's progress, current state, and diagnosis codes. 

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Our allograft tissues are used in various specialties.


RxWound's range of human tissue allografts meet the highest standards for safety and are being used by:

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