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We are proud to offer a wide variety of Bone Allografts, Soft Tissue Allografts, & Bone Fibers.

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SteriScaf® – HSA Cortical Bone Fibers

  • 100% human cortical bone

  • Interwoven demineralized bone fibers provide a unique scaffold for bone formation

  • Shape conforming – excellent bone-to-graft contact for orthopedic applications and void filling

  • High Surface Area (HSA) – DBM Cortical Fiber Allografts have a greater surface area than cancellous bone for optimized cell adsorption, retention and viability

  • Osteoconductive – DBM provides an ideal scaffold to support bone formation

  • Osteoinductive potential*

  • Hydrates quickly and uniformly

  • Irrigation resistant

  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation to a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6

  • No anatomical restrictions to the size or shape of the implants

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SteriFlex® Wrappable Allografts

Description: 100% cortical bone that can be bent, contoured, rolled, trimmed, molded or sewn, making this flexible bone material incredibly versatile in surgical settings. Maintains the structure, stability, and osteoconductivity of human bone and stimulates new bone growth. Rehydration of bone implants for such a desired use has been discussed in the literature for years (Mulliken, Ann. Surg., 1981), but only recently has technology allowed us to commercially produce such an innovative solution.


SteriFlex™ is sterilized with the GraftShield™ process for improved allograft safety.

Common Surgical Applications: Orthopaedic, neurologic, dental / maxillofacial, trauma and bone augmentation.

Source: Femur, tibia, fibula, ilium or humerus

Preservation Method: Lyophilized
Containers must be stored at ambient temperature

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SteriGraft® Cortical-Cancellous Crushed

Common Surgical Applications: Filling of bone void defects, augments prosthetic or other implants used for spinal fusion, oral or maxillofacial reconstruction, or ankle and foot reconstruction.

Source: Proximal and distal ends of long bones, ilium, calcaneus or talus

Preservation Method: Lyophilized
Containers must be stored at ambient temperature

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